Photography / Writing

So Long & Thanks For All The Fish.


The time has come to call it a day for this blog.

I would like to thank all of my followers, some since the beginning and some new recent followers.


However, I would like to let you know that I will still be blogging and continuing with photography. It’s just now I feel that expressing myself creatively in this way over blog form is no longer interesting to me and I feel I have done enough.

As some of you know I moved to Bath at the end of last year and I have started a new form of photoblog that really catalogues my everyday life better than I have been able to do before.

I have started a new page called Learning How To Be Patient that I would really appreciate if you chose to follow. I am also building a new website which will show my latest work as well as a link to Learning How To Be Patient. 

I am really excited about these new moves I’m making and I hope that you come and follow me on there!





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