Section 80


So I write to you from the photography lab at Bath Spa University. I have been here since 12 and I wont be leaving for another couple of hours. Yay.

Went into the city today and took another 4 rolls of film and now I’m scanning them in after developing all day.

It’s been a long day.
What are you up to?

I am really really starting to enjoy this project now, I think I have finished with taking photographs and now it’s editing, printing and book work. That’s what I will be doing this Christmas!



I have been getting loads of support from my course, have to say I feel really comfortable here already, don’t think I have ever worked so hard before in my life.
I just found out that my first project called The Unseen got a really good assessment and possibly a really good mark… Maybe even a first.

So right now I am pretty happy with life and whats going on.

Had a good break on Friday! Went down to Bristol to see my friends; had a great time seeing them. Highlight I think was standing on the bridge by Banksy’s Hanging Man at 3 in the morning.


Hope you are all doing well. Next week I think I will be back home for Christmas break! Lots of work todo but I can’t wait for a little time to chill. Only been here 6 odd weeks and I’m already tired.

Have a good week.





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