First Print

Watch Her Walk

I’ve started to make some prints.

Overall this project is really starting to interest me. I am finding new exciting way to make photographs using medium format. I am really enjoying being back in the darkroom developing again. It’s like starting photography all over again. It’s fun.

I am going home for a few days today to see my old work buddies for the Christmas party, then Friday I’m off to Bristol for my best friends birthday party.

Lots of traveling in the next couple of days, having to pack up and work on the road is always fun because i always find new ways to approach things. It’s fun.

I will try and take some photographs along the way, but I am really enjoying showing you images that I am working on at the moment for my project. I have been getting quite a good response from you all and I’m thankful for that.

Have a good week, I’m excited for mine!



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