It’s Feels So Good to Be Back

I'm Here.


How are you?

It feels funny to be back and posting again. For new people I have been keeping this blog for almost 2 years. However I haven’t posted anything in about 5 months.

It feels strange to be back doing it. It can get quite hard to come up with interesting original content every week, but I am having a really exciting and interesting time at the moment, it seems wrong not to document it.

I have moved to Bath and I am now attending Bath Spa University and I am loving every minute of it. Meeting new people is a lot of fun; I am also fascinated with my course. I have already learnt a lot in the first three weeks of being here and I learn new stuff every day. It feels great to be back in love with photography. I’m feeling focused and happy.

I think that this blog may mature abit… It may start to have different themes than before. Original I felt that the blog was a quick glimpse of my life, showing easy, simple things that I want to show. Now I have a feeling it may be a little different. It’s going to be fun, more professional maybe.

The photograph about is a walk I take every now and again. It’s amazing living in a city. Everyday I wake up with a smile on my face.


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