14 In 30

14 in 30

So over the summer my best friends, Josh, Dan, Nat & Alex all went inter railing over Europe for a month. The image above was travelling through Switzerland. It was amazing trip, the best time of my life. It has brought out the traveller in me.

A while ago I made a video of a school trip to New York. Dan & Nat really enjoyed it and encouraged me to make a video of Europe. I was really excited and I took on the challenge. Filming could sometimes get difficult when we were tired or hungry but I think as a group we pulled together to make a great film. I have used not only my own footage but my friends aswell in order to get a collaboration between us all.

Editing took well over a month and the video is 45 minutes long. It is worth a look, features some great music that I was listening to over the trip. I hope you enjoy my first film. 14 In 30.

14 in 30 (link if the video above does not work)


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