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Long Time No Post.


How, have you been?

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. It has been around 5 months since I last posted and in that time a lot has happened and actually lot’s has changed. The biggest change being that I’ve moved. I now live in Bath and I am going to Bath Spa University after transferring from my course. I felt that it was time to leave Swindon, time to move out on my own and time to get serious about photography and film making again. I have to admit for around 3 months I had lost my way and was starting to seriously lose my love for making photographs and making art.

Which is why I stopped blogging to be honest. I felt that I was no longer producing interesting content and as a result there was no point in carrying on a blog. To which I can only apologise and try to make it up to you.

I have actually had a really busy and creative summer. I started to do more film making projects than anything else and I am really looking forward to showing you.

So for this week I will be doing a post everyday of the things I have been doing and what I am actually proud to show.

 14 in 30

14 In 30 – Tuesday

Over the summer I went travelling with my 4 best friends. I decided to film the trip as best I could and then edited everything together, including some images and video from my friends cameras. Overall I created a 45 minute film that shows our travels. Around 14 cities in 30 days.

Spoken Word

Spoken Word – Wednesday

I finally did my collaboration with Lions & Snakes clothing.  Together we created a great fashion film short. Combining a amazing poem with music and creative visuals. I had loads of fun making this.


Vettriano – Thursday

I also got back to doing some photography. Over the summer I had been looking at the work of Jack Vettriano, I decided to try and create a photo shoot with his art as the main influence. It was good to get back to photography, using flash aswell as make up artists and models.

The Unseen


The Unseen – Friday

This is my latest project which I have just handed in for my first submission at Bath Spa. I am really happy with this project and I got some really positive feedback from my new tutors.


After this week I will get back to blogging every Monday, talking about what I have been doing and projects that I am currently working on. I am really excited to get back to blogging again and having a place online with all my work.




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