Narrative: The Gingerbread Man

ernierun thefox

The Gingerbread Man and The Fox

(The Chav and The Hipster) 

In modern culture, your image is everything. Most thing are talked about by your peers, including your sense of fashion, your choice of clothing and music amongst other things.

Unfortunately, most of the time you are under a microscope, it’s how you deal with it, its how you cope but mostly, its if it bothers you, for once you begin to loose interest then the quicker you grow and move on.

I want to show the classic tale of the gingerbread man and make it about image, make it about the current generations need to impress and their need to fit in. By this I will do two typical stereotypes/ styles of dressing. The Ginger bread is my chav and the fox is my hipster, both different, but most of the time divided and separated by their choice of fashion and tastes.

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