Narrative: Red Riding Hood

redriding hood tho thewolf

Red Riding Hood

In the story of Red Riding Hood; a young girl walks to her grandmother’s but attracts some negative attention. I felt that the modern version of this is portrayed in AlunaGeorge’s music video “Attracting Flies” ; a very provocative red riding hood attracts negative attention from some admires that she may not necessary want. I felt that this is a big issue. I find myself apart of this generation where we dress provocatively in order to attract the opposite sex. I am not sure if this is good all of the time. Especially when the woman do not want this.

I want to try and interpret this point in my photography.

I have also decided for this story that I want to make it a fashion shoot; I am a big fan of fashion photography and I feel it is important to try and build my fashion portfolio at the same time.


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