Hi all!DomasPSH


Sorry for not posting in two weeks. Have had a few problems with my internet and laptop so trying to post has been a nightmare! While I have been away though I have been up to a lot. The first picture above is of my friend Dom who is being Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 


I have been working really hard these past weeks on Backstage Performance and my mimics that I have to do for my portrait portfolio so I can show that I understand studio lighting.

I have been enjoying these a lot but they are tough work. I have been working a lot on Backstage Performance aswell as and have been given a date for my first solo exhibition. I think the Wyvern are doing some press releases for it soon so will update you on that when I know a bit more. At the moment I am having trouble trying to find frames. Do you have any ideas?

I hope you are all well, please go take a look at my portfolios at the top of the screen because I have updated them recently and I feel they are a lot more professional now.

Have a good weekend and week.

supdoob supTom


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