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Really like this photograph I took of my class mate Jade. Took it in the studio just testing different flash lighting. Practicing for my studio portfolio.

Next couple of weeks are going to be really really busy, I have been talking a lot with the Wyvern and they have given me two more dates for my diary of when I can next go and take some photographs. I went yesterday, was not what I excepted to get though unfortunately and I only really took two good photographs so it may not feature in the end.

I have been having a look at a lot of photographers work recently; such as Simon Annard, Bridgette Lacombe and Mary Ellen Mark. All of the are fantastic photographers. It’s making my course a really pleasure at the moment. Been putting in the hours lately and I can feel it starting to pay off.

Thought I would include another interview today as the last one of Jamie got a lot of views.

This video is of Chris Baker, who is an amazing artist. This interview was filmed in the summer last year so since then he has done a lot more work and they are all really good. So go take a look at his site.

I’m trying to thing of interesting thing’s to do with this Blog at the moment. I’m thinking of turning it into a weekly Vlog of just looking and showing things that I do, things such as being in the studio and planning shoots and meeting models. I think that could be interesting. I also think I will give it a new face lift soon. Just to jazz it up a bit. In fact I will do that now.

Anyway, have a good week and check out the video below!


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