Backstage Performers


So the title of my new project is Backstage Performers and it’s about the going on’s of a backstage production. So basically during rehearsals, chilling in the green room or putting on make up. I love back-stage projects because you get to see something that you really shouldn’t. You see a different side.

I am going to keep the images I show you to a minim because this project’s final form is going to come in a load of different ways. Two exhibitions, one solo and one joint and a book, which I am really excited to be working on.

Aswell as this project I have to do a studio portfolio where I basically look at photographs I like and mimic the lightning technique. I’m doing this properly so I have three make up artist’s on stand by and some models too. One of which is going to be my dad. Going to recreate Dan Winter photograph of Tom Hanks. Can’t wait it’s going to be so much fun.

Really enjoying the course at the moment because it is full on with photography, lots of projects, lots of ideas and nothing but time and free will. Utter bliss.

Photographs below are of Ian Mowat the pantomime dame.

Going to bring you guys a surprise next week hopefully If I get everything in good working order. Enjoy!


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