Dame’s, Exhibitions, Projects, Keith Chegwin and Bordeaux.


Is or is that not the best title to a post?

Happy New Year everyone! How was your New Year’s Eve?

As you know I went to France. Took some photos so I will show you next week but I haven’t had time to edit yet, pretty much came back from holiday and got straight into working on Uni work. I have so much to do. Going to have to do a few all nighters I think. Just waiting for my student loan at the moment and then I can get on and buy some equipment I desperately need.

Yesterday I went to the Wyvern Theatre for my Uni project. I am doing a behind the scenes look at how the theatre runs but concentrating more on the production side, so photographing things such as dress rehearsals. So yesterday I took my camera, lights and I had about 45 minutes to photograph Ian Mowat. Ian is a pantomime dame and I photographed him as he did his make up and got into character. It was actually a lot of fun. I also got to meet Keith Chegwin!

Was so funny because after photographing Ian I was invited to stay and watch the show, which was Aladdin. So I was sat there surrounded by like 7 year olds. Best way to start the New Year is with a sing song!

Unfortunately I cant show you any images of this project for a while for a couple of reasons. One is to do with having the images approved from a bunch of people before I can put it online; copyright and permissions and things like that.

Another reason though is because I don’t want to broadcast this project quite yet because I have been offered an exhibition at the Wyvern. I’m really excited because it is going on display for 15 days and it is also getting advertisement. So it will be my first proper show and so far the images are working really well.


This is my sister in Bordeaux over the holidays. I love Bordeaux actually, it was such a great city. Lots of coffee shops, art galleries, rich people and fashion shops. Right up my street.

Got a few shoots planned for this month. I didn’t make a reel this month as I did not do any filming and I don’t just want a reel of images because that will become really boring after a while. Do have a few things planned for this month though. It’s going to be so unbelievably  hectic. Going to be spending most of my time locked away in my room I think.

Talk to you next week, have a good start to the year!



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