The Ritz

Still stranded due to now car. Becoming a hermit. However, I will be driving by this time this week. Planning on going to London next week to do some filming for a project, which I am excited about, have a few projects now actually, including my new uni module, which is portraits and I have a really good idea at the moment, so excited to get stuck into that.

Went to London on Monday actually where I took this picture of the doorman at the Ritz checking his phone, found it quite funny. Also went to the national portrait museum and the Somerset house which was really cool as I went to the Tim Walker exhibition which was mental!

Told you I would send you a link for my class blog aswell which I’m editing at the moment until Christmas. Take a look and follow us, trying to build an audience at the moment so would be cool if you cool cats will help out.

Have a look.

Seven Shutter Photography

Have a good week, more interesting things to come! Just can’t wait to drive again!


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