Film / Photography



Started building my A3 portfolio and this is one of the images. It looks so cool blown up to A3. Izzy’s eyes look amazing actually.

Been spending so much time at home because of my car, we have finally decided to write off my old red Corsa.. Ryan.

However me and my dad went hunting today and have found a new really cool blue Corsa again, haven’t got a name for it yet, but It’s Ryan’s cousin… I need to get out more.

So I haven’t been out, haven’t done any shoots and I really don’t want to be taking landscape photography at the moment so I have really just been doing… not a lot. Still building my classes blog at the moment and I think I’ll launch it Monday so I will put the link up here when it’s done.

I did actually make a little film of all my work I have done in November, decided I’m going to do one every month, I should properly get some content for the December.

Have a look.

November 2012: Max Tonkin

So still not going to have a car for a while so I will have to see what content I can bring you really, how ever I am going to London on Monday for a school trip so I will take my camera.

Have a good weekend.


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