Glass Clad

This project is going on to long.

So since I last spoke to you I have done… nothing except my uni project, which means I have no new content or anything, good thing I didn’t show you all the images last week!

So this is of the glass box which is attached to the back of the Holburne Museum, it’s fantastic! Fantastic design, great displays of work and art, really cool you should go there if you are ever in Bath.

Next week I am going to bring you a little film hopefully, I’ve only just recently learned how to embed videos from like Vimeo or Youtube, but I’m going to try and do some more films now as I really enjoy them. The stuff next week will be a mixture of pictures and some short clips of just stuff I have been doing recently, think it’s nice sometime to set a little barrier between your work, so you can look back and reflect, It’s useful.

Currently I’m being a guest editor on our class blog, which I will send you the link for next week. Currently has no content because we are putting it all together, so I will give you guys the link next week and I think you will really enjoy it actually, something different and me taking sort of a back seat roll to it, equal content between me and my class mates.

Unfortunately my car has broken, so I am without a Moto vehicle for a while I think, properly at least another two weeks. Which sort of leaves me stranded most of the time, which is good though, I need to work! Deadline is this Tuesday and I’d say I’m about 40% there. But I have worked since 10 am today, and this is sort of a little break for me.

I’ve done a lot of writing today….. Maybe I’m addicted?

Really thinking about doing a weekly Vlog at the moment, really want to do more filmmaking and editing, what do you think would be interesting for content? Stuff at Uni? Stuff at home? Me doing shoots? What would work? Leave me some comments which you guys have been doing recently actually which I really appreciate.

Anyway I will leave you alone now! Here have another picture. [nice guy]



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