Been in Bath for a few days taking pictures of the Holburne Museum for my project. Been really interesting and It’s a fantastic museum. Annoyingly my car has broken, something to do with the engine….. So I had to get the bus and train to Bath, was cool though, like a little adventure.

Coming up to the grind with project deadlines, If I’m being honest I haven’t really enjoyed this module that much, really excited about the next one (portraits) cant wait to sink my teeth into it.

The really exciting news this week is that I have been asked by L&S Clothing to come and do a few videos for them, so I have also been planning a fashion film, really excited about it, got lots of ideas and my only problem is time.

Taken the photographs, so this week is all about the book work and editing, great joy, but probably a blessing that my car has decided to break. Means I can’t go anywhere or do anything. Except work… This is what torture must feel like….

Have a great weekend and I hope the new blog day is alright, I have to get back into the swing of things with the blog.

Also do you think I should start doing a few Vlogs? Could be an interesting medium to get into…


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