The Final 6

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These are my final 6 images that are being handed in tomorrow. They have been taken on 35mm film and scanned into a laptop, then I have slightly edited them and then put them on for you!

The final images have been printed on fibre paper and are framed and actually look rather nice!

It’s been a good learning experience but I’m not expecting a high grade, I’d be happy with 50%.

Things with the super secret project are slowly starting to move again, I have found someone to design a website for it and I have arranged more shoots for the following weeks.

Also I have a beautiful new toy, the Cannon 5D mark ii, my god it’s nice, it’s the best camera I have every owned, so excited to use it and use all my knowledge I’m learning to good use!

Have a great week!

P.S. Unfortunately Tim Burgess is not well and has postponed the gig that I am going to, not sure to when but hopefully will be soon, still excited to go though.


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