New Format

As I said in my last post, I bought a new camera, and here it is below.

It’s really beautiful and I have been using it non-stop, great thing about it is it shoots 6×6 which is medium format images. I’ve always wanted to shoot medium and large format and now I’m doing just that. So far I just have a few negatives but that’s all. Slowly I will start to make prints though, also I will be able to scan them and edit them which is what a photographer I have been looking at and studying recently does, his name is Platon, I’m sure some of you have seen his work before but I have recently found him through this course and I’m completely obsessed.

So far my first project for Uni is going well, I have to develop 6 film prints to make into a visual essay, I have decided to do “how to make a coffee” basically in a nutshell, sounds lame but the photos are actually coming out quite nice.

Here are a few frames in negatives from my first roll of film.

Also I am looking at getting a new digital camera soon but I have to wait and see whats going on with that, as it’s taking a while.

Have a great week and I will have more interesting things to show you next week, currently having the time of my life, life is good.


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