Hello everyone, just a quick post today because I have so so so much to do in such a short space of time.

Course is going amazingly. Facilities, teachers and resources are all spot on, couldn’t have asked for anything more. But I already have a lot of work.

I was hoping to upload a video for you today but I haven’t got around yet, so I will show you next week.

At the moment I’m setting up another blog for my class which we have to take turns editing, it’s a lot of fun but I forgot how much work it takes to set up a brand new blog. I remember it took me two days to get this site up and running! Hopefully it wont take as long.

I’ll put a link in my next post so you can all start following that, I think it will be really good.

Took this photograph yesterday when the sun came out for a bit.


Talk soon!

P.S I just bought a beautiful Yashica 635 6×6 film camera, It’s beautiful and I will be showing you the images I take with it as I use it more and more.



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