First Days..

So started at Uni yesterday and have already been given a deadline for work. Big step up, but up for the challenge. We had a tour of all are facilities. Very happy.
State of the art studio equipped with Bowen lights, two Gemini’s! Lots of cameras including a Cannon 7D and a really big darkroom, lots of iMacs and CS6. No excuses to fail!

Hopefully going to be doing some shoots in there that won’t be to do with my course and more to do with the super secret project, which is still around by the way.

Fun week, started Uni, Thursday I am going to shoot with Gary Sandy again and get some more experience and Friday going to see an old friend to look at a space that may house a studio that I will be able to use, all exciting stuff. Also I may be doing a short film about the singer Jamie Coupe who I did a album cover for once. It will be about writing and recording his latest EP. I will keep you updated on that. All is go!

Took these images below for my course, they are entitled My Existence

What do you think?

Have a good week and I should have lots to show you and talk about next week, exciting!

P.S. Thanks for all looking at my last post about the essay I did, but I am taking it down because I may be told off for having published something on my course that has not been marked yet.


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