I’m writing this post on Monday and posting it as usual on a Tuesday.

Had a good week actually, been relaxing and enjoying my last few day before I jet off to France, oh and going to football games and what not.

Enjoyed watching Brazil V Mexico, annoyingly I was supporting Brazil and they lost! Still was so cool to see players like Neymar, Hulk and Pato, really cool to see the players that are going to be dominating the football world in the future. We had great seats aswell. I went with Tash and her mum and dad.

I’ve just finished packing and I’m about to drive to Bristol soon. As I’m flying with my Gran to France tomorrow ( or today, depending on how you look at it).

I’m looking forward to planning essays, reading and taking pictures in France, which is all I’m going to be doing, I will make sure I have some nice photos for you.

Have a great week.

My View at the Moment: 13/08/12…. Tash’s bedroom window.





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