“For Life is Quite Absurd and Death is the Final Word”

Had a very strange and unhappy week this week. I came back from Kos to the news that my great aunt and granddad had died while I was away. I have always had a very straight opinion about death, I believed that yes it’s a part of life and it’s life and natures way of evolving and moving on. One goes out, one comes in. But now I think that death changes things, and to be honest It’s easier not to have any feelings or thoughts about death until it actually happens within your family. When it happens you will know your feelings and thoughts about it.

It’s a very horrid learning curve I think and most people, quite rightly don’t want to take the class, but as I sit in the classroom studying, I have learnt how family and family values are very important. Me and my family, not just my dad but my extended family have become like a unit more than ever, and it is very comforting when you hear messages of grief and sympathy from others, it’s nice to know that people can still re-act in a warm way.

My dad has had a very tough week; he made a brand new life- changing career choice, the death of his aunt and father and also has just turned 53 today. Busy week for him really, he’s coped very well.

Tonight me and my dad and step-mum are just having a quiet meal to celebrate his birthday, he’s cooking.

Next week I will be in France so I’m not 100% if I will be able to do a post, but I will write one in advanced and get Tash to post it just in case, may be able to do it through my phone actually.

Also I am coming up to a year of blogging soon which is actually a very happy achievement for me and I’m amazed I’ve managed to keep this up! So thanks for following and I will have to celebrate and do a special post or something.

Have a great week, always look on the bright side of life. 

P.S. I am adding a new feature that I will have at the end of every post and It’s simply: My View at the Moment. The Idea is that I take my camera with me a lot and normally when I am uploading a post I will take images from my camera and edit them and then put them up, I will now take an image right before I do the post and you will be able to see my view at the moment, this is where I will be posting from. Hopefully there will be some weird and wacky places. Or just some nice views.

P.S.S. Please check out the last post I did “Kos” as It now has pictures to go with it.

P.S.S.S. Please have a look at my recently updated portfolios at the top of the page, next to my about me page and my contact page. Thanks!


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