So after quick quick planning on a Friday afternoon Tash and myself are now in the greek island of Kos. Let me tell you how it went down.

Went to work at 11am on Friday and worked in one place until 3pm. Then went to a pub and edited some pictures and also got my new portfolio pages onto this blog. (they are at the top if you would like to take a look) and between 3pm and 5pm when I started at my next job Tash had managed to get us booked into a 5* hotel in Kos for better than half price. Only thing is we had to leave the next morning. So I worked from 5 until 8pm, ran home, packed and then went to Tash’s to wake up at 4am the next day to drive to Gatwick, very very exciting and I have to say last minute searching is really fun.

So now I’m here. In Kos. HA.

Me and Tash have been enjoying the sun and the sea.

Been great also to have the time and freedom to pretty much do nothing, been thinking alot about the project and seem to be getting some really great ideas at the moment.

Anyway talk soon.

This was my view as I was writing the post:


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