Chicken Run

I went to the Bristol food show on Saturday with Tash, her auntie and her partner. This is me trying Oysters.

And this is me after. Not sure what sort of look I have on my face. They didn’t taste that bad though.

Enjoyed Bristol was nice to get away for the day and go back, Bristol is by far one of my favourite cities. Along with London and New York; I can’t get enough of Bristol.

Been a lazy start to the week but I have managed to book in another photo-shoot on Thursday which I will be able to show you more behind the scenes footage. Looking forward to this shoot but again it’s for the project so not sure what I will be able to show you. Behind the scenes stuff will have to do for now I’m afraid.

My local pub asked me to take some photographs for their website and up-incoming PR campaign. They breed chickens and pigs and then cook them in the restaurant so it was sort of taking photographs of that really.

The project is going well at the moment. Admittedly a bit slow but it’s still going well. I’m looking forward to kicking it up in the next few weeks. I will tell you all about it when the time is right but for now it’s going to be behind the scenes stuff for a while. But you will enjoy it I’m sure.

Have a great week. I quite like only posting on a Tuesday as it gives me more to say, what do you think?



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