Yesterday I did a Collaboration project with the female photographer and artist Izzy Melhuish  and make up artist Lauren Baker. She specialised in fashion photography and we thought that collaborating on a project could both do us wonders in terms of learning new skills and techniques. Our model was Pia.

We also discussed her input into the super secret project that I’m currently planning. I’m happy to say that she is interested and is going to be involved. Bit more of that on a later date.

Tonight is my leavers dinner so after I post this I will be getting all suited up. I will see if I can take a photo for Tuesdays post.

Happy to say more shoots have been planned and they will be taking place in a few weeks. Which is really exciting.

Anyway check out the pictures of my collaboration with Izzy below and on Max Tonkin Photography on Facebook.

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Collaboration

    • I used two 125W lights with soft box’s attached on this shoot. I would send you some more but two be honest the one at the top is the best behinde the scenes shot I got.

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