Did everyone have a good Jubilee?

I spent most of it at work, but I did get asked to photograph my villages street party. It was quite good actually.

Phil (below) organised it and asked me to photograph it.

Funny bloke.

Was good actually, the weather was overcast so was good lighting once I adjusted my camera to the right exposure. I took about 250 which I know have to edit a bit before I send them over to Phil.

I’ve been spending my study leave revising actually so haven’t really had time for anything else. I have managed to get in touch with a few people and will hopefully be able to organise a shoot or two in the next coming weeks.

I like this one a lot. The owner of the pub let me go upstairs and take a photo while he got everyone’s attention.

Bit cringe but hey!

Enjoy the rest of the week, everything is getting back to normal now after our 4 day weekend.

See you Friday!

P.S I have had a bit of a slow start to my Photo of the Day challenge. I have managed to take some but I haven’t had much time to edit. But I will start on it properly soon.


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