Lazy Days and Revision

This is my favourite photo from our 6th form leavers day which was on Friday. Since then I have had a lazy couple of days. I went to Bristol and saw my cousin and sister, which was nice, had a bit to much to drink though. So Saturday turned into a lazy revision day. Me and the cats have been hanging out really.

Very lazy cats. I only have 3 exams left now, one of which is media which I have been concentrating the most on because it’s the most likely to get a high grade. Which is needed to get into my course next year.

That idea that I spoke about a few weeks ago is going well but myself and the people involved are just concentrating on exams at the moment so don’t have much time to spare. I’m looking forward to getting into my summer project though.

Today I have just been revising with Tash.

She has her Law exam tommorw, which she is looking forward to of course. She just banged her head on the table in distress. Not a good sign. I have been being tea boy.

Still it is very hard to resist the wonderfull sunshine we’ve been having.

Give me strength for the final slog.

Have a great week, see you Friday.


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