Final Piece

So these are the images for my final piece. Normally I would do them bigger but it’s important to show them side by side like this because that is the way I displayed them. I had them printed 10 x 8 and put them behind a white mount and a black frame. Although the subject matter is quite dark, it did still somehow look rather beautiful.

Today concluded my a-level photography, I have to admit, I’m going to miss it. I enjoyed every second of it if I’m honest. But onward on upwards. I’m starting to decide what I am going to do after A-levels now and I’m pretty set on doing a futher photography course maybe for a year.

One thing is for sure though, between revising for my other exams I will be taking lots of portfolio shots. I got a new backdrop and a stand to hold it, which I have been wanting/ needed for a very long time. Having less on my plate can only lead to more time for more exciting things.

Off to celebrate down the pub. Have a great weekend đŸ™‚ .


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