A Day with Me – My Society

Above is a refined image from last week. “Let’s Play Tennis” is a slang phrase for passing a joint around.

So in my project I wanted a little break from taking photographs so decided to film a day in the life of me. Unfortunately the camera I used kept breaking but I did manage to make a good video out of the footage.

Here’s the brief:
“I felt that with looking at other’s society’s it would be interesting to look at my society aswell. I wanted to film my day, my school and my friends. To try and show what sort of society I live in.

I felt showing this may change the way people look at my current work.”

The Film; A Day with Me – My Society

BIG week this week. Tomorrow I have my exam in photography which is basically a three day exam. I get locked in a room and have to just do book work and my final piece. I’m only aloud to spend 15 hours on my final piece but I’m organised and I have my plan in motion. I ordered a backdrop the other day and luckily it got here in time.

Next Friday I will show you my final piece and I hope you like it, I’m actually quite excited about putting it all together.

Have a great week and enjoy the film. Oh and like the Facebook page while you’re there. 4 off 100 likes ;).


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