The Wall

So. With three weeks left of my current photography project, I’ve hit the wall. The dreaded and currently indestructible wall. The above image was part of a shoot I did on Tuesday, which unfortunately, did not go aswell as planned. It wasn’t bad but just didn’t work for the idea.

I’ve been told by my photography teacher to take a weekend off from my project, not to think about it and then come back fighting in the next week. Which is what I’m going to do. I do like the image above to be fair.

Also I’m looking forward to stop taking photographs for a bit, not for long but I am filming something soon and then working on that for a bit, which I am looking forward to and I will try get it uploaded on here.

So in the essence of taking a little time off I am going to the pub in my village.. I do know how to relax.

Have a great weekend, relax, stay happy and think toward’s the future in a bright light, that’s what I will be doing.



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