Stereotypical Peer-Group: Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy

I live not too far away from Swindon. At one point Swindon had the highest teen pregnancy rate in England, since then the rate has slowly gone down, but not by much.
Teenage pregnancy is starting to become the norm, it’s not unusual to here that an old friend from school is now pregnant, I know because I’ve had this happen to me. I was not sure what to think really, in some way I don’t agree with it because being as young as we are we are not able to support or bring up a child, were left to be put on doll to support it. In my opinion it would be my worst nightmare. I want to follow my dreams and be able to have the freedom to do what I want and when I want, I don’t want to be stuck in once place for a good 18 years. However, it is in some people’s interest, and who am I to judge that? Some people do want to settle down at our age and start a family, this may be because they left school at 16 and already have a stable job and are able to, which in that case why shouldn’t they? But for me personally, it’s not in the cards.

This is a photograph of a young teenager gaining the courage to take a test.

Thank you and enjoy the photo.


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