Stereotypical Peer-group: Social. Networking.

Social. Networking.

We are in the generation of Facebook and social networking. It is now consumes by us almost everyday, even if we are not a part of Facebook we are still exposed to it through advertising. Almost everybody in the western world has a Facebook profile. With the means of easy access to communicating with anybody we are now never un-contactable. Our phones hold the key to communication, whether it’s using an App to tweet or update a statues, texting, BBMing or the classic calling, our world is full of communication. Do we still communicate face to face? I’m sure we do but do we communicate through our social networking sites or our phones more than we do face to face? That’s something I’m not so sure about.

This picture is a couple on a first date, is this the new form of social networking?

I want to say sorry for the late post. This project means a lot to me and it’s the first serious post that I have ever done, in fact it’s the most serious series I’ve ever done. Thank you for commenting, liking and… well anything, it mean’s a lot to me and I thank you.

All my love

Max Tonkin

P.S some new exciting stuff coming soon 🙂 xx


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