Stereotypical Peer-Group: Drugs


In my society class As are uncommon. They are not mentioned much. They are still around though and people still use them, even if it’s not popular to boast about it. Why? Well, I don’t no, I’m not a drug addict and I don’t think I ever will be. In my school there is a small circle of drugs, we don’t all do them, infant more people don’t. This group though, they do deal to each other and enjoy each other’s company in getting high.

I was quite shocked to here that people younger than us are doing drugs, but there is no age limit as the are of course illegal. Still, it’s not nice hearing about how young some of these people are, what’s worse is the apparent things some people have to do to get them.

Being an addiction, it can get expensive and difficult to contend with temptation, I’ve heard of young women selling their bodies to fuel their drug addiction, I didn’t realise that was going on in my society.

This is the aftermath of a drug addict taking heroin.

Thank you and enjoy the photo.


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