Stereotypical Peer-Group: Unemployment


Unemployment has never been higher. With a record 2.6 million people out of a job the youth take an unhealthy share of 1.02 million. Were bored and so far unimpressed with what we have been given after at least 16 years in education. We feel let down.

Dreams and aspirations have been replaced by debt and stress. The youth are starving for something to get us out of this utter boredom.

However, we must take some of the blame. The unemployment fiasco is not a one person job. The London riots did not help our situation and we are forever being labeled as lazy and useless. Is there any truth to this?

With University fees skyrocketing to £9,000 course fees a year we have had to really question our career moves in this early part of our lives. Is Uni now over rated and unneeded to get a good job? Even after university, would it be worth this risk if you are just going to end up and the back of the line at the job centre?

This picture is a possible timeline for a student who just graduated from University.

Thank you and enjoy the photo.


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