Stereotypical Peer-Group: Gang Warfare

Gang Warfare

The destruction of the London riots still remain. It was a historic week for England as hundreds and hundreds of youths and members of the public, mostly from a working class background took over the central cities and flooded them with destruction, crime, stealing and death. It was a week where the law lost control, they were under prepared and caught of guard. But the London riots is just the surface for the ability of gang warfare. It’s been going on for a long time. Youths wearing hoodies are now normally stereotyped as trouble.

Children as young as 10 are being “recruited” into gangs and are forced to sell drugs and be involved in crime.

The London crime rate is currently through the roof, mostly filled with stabbings and shootings from rival gangs.

Yet are they justified? Are they bored with life? With cuts being made to youth programs, there is little to do other than to cause crime.

David Cameron says that the law will come down hard on gang warfare and youth crime, but is it already a lost cause?

Thank you and enjoy the photo.


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