Here Fishy Fishy….

So, I don’t normally take photographs of cats at all, I find it a bit pointless but I found that it actually compliments the next photograph rather well…

So my friend Rory bought something into our photography class for his project and it ended up with me, him and my other friend Keefer taking pictures of what he bought….

Oscar likes fish.

So we spent about 20 minutes taking photographs of this fish head.. Was fun. Ha!

Been spending the last week planning and trying to get models for the photo shoots next week and I’m happy to say that, were all set….. almost. Have a few little things to tweak but other than that we are good to go. I will have some brand new photographs to show you by next Friday and these will be part of my series “Stereotypical Peer-group” and I have to say, I’m actually really excited to get shooting!

Until then I will see you on Tuesday. It’s Tash’s 20th birthday on Saturday so me and her and some of our friends are going to Reading on a night out! Should be good.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the photos.


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