Class Systems; Done

So the first chapter is complete on my project and It went rather well. I enjoyed taking film but I am quite happy to get rid of all the chemical smells! I will try and upload some of the film photographs on here, it will probably have to be a digital photo of them not sure how i’d do it otherwise.

So now it’s back to digital and back to portraits!! And I have some very very exciting ideas and I am buzzing to get back to taking portraits. The next one is the maybe controversial one so be prepared and if you don’t like it I’m doing some funnier ones at the end of this project as an end to this project!

I’m off out now so I hope you enjoyed that photo above, I quite like how it’s framed, what do you think? Oh and digitally edited on a computer won flat out with 100%, thanks for voting on that, thought it would be a nice change.

Enjoy the photos everybody and have a nice weekend.


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