Camera settings VS computer editing. Time to vote!

Hello everyone, I went to Bath over the weekend to take some more film for my Personal View of Society project. Had a really nice time and have finished the film, developed it and I’m going to be cutting the film and starting to make prints over the next two weeks or so. Paper is soooo expensive though because silver prices have gone up! Still nice to take a break from digital and get back to the roots of photography; It’s a good learning curve and makes me appreciate lighting and shadows lot more.

I also took my digital camera with me and also went to one of my Dad’s gigs and took my camera too.
I decided to explore the filter systems on the actual camera. I then took the originals and slightly edited them on my laptop. So I like the results of the camera settings but I want to know what you think.

So what I’m going to do is show you the camera settings photos first and then the computer edited photographs and then your going to vote! I will tell you the results next week.

Digitally edited on the laptop now!

So now vote and tell me which you prefer.

So a little different today but I thought I would shake it up a bit.

Enjoy the photos everyone and start voting!!!!


2 thoughts on “Camera settings VS computer editing. Time to vote!

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