As I said in the last post Tash and I went to London on Wednesday to take some photos and meet with the photographer Thomas Knights, was a overall success but started off as a bit of suicide mission.

One of the many cats decided to urinate all over my camera bag and It took me till the London underground to realise what the smell following me was. So.. I had to borrow Tasha’s credit card and run all over London, buying a new bag, hoodie and portfolio to put my prints in. Perfect.

Paid Tash back now though and meeting with Thomas went wicked! Learnt a lot and got an offer to help assisting after my school year finishes! Which is a perfect result really.

 This is after all the running around. Much needed coffee.

So I’m having a weekend of not doing alot really, have my step-brother coming over to stay for the weekend from New York, so just going to be chilling with him. My sister is back from uni at the moment, she is annoyed at being made to watch Coppers, ah well.

Have a nice weekend, enjoy the photos.


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