Week of work

Been doing a lot of work on my project this week, took a lot on film but took my digital camera with me. So these are sort of for my first paragraph of that proposal I sent you, what do you think?

So the idea is to put them side by side and explore the different sides of everyday life for say the working class and then the middle class. It’s an idea that I want to work on, using film and taking some landscapes, buildings and also still life, so I’m excited about it but looking forward to doing some portraits again. Currently thinking of good models to use at the moment.

Here is a picture of Marlborough College aswell, one of the best schools in the world, literally. The students of St. Johns tend not to like Marlborough College students.

I’m a St. John’s student but I have to admire their facilities.

My friend James also asked me to help him with his PE a-level coursework, so I went and filmed his footie game and took some photos while I was there.

Some of these are quite cool but their mostly for fun.

So I had a good week off but back on Monday. Getting back into the swing of taking photographs now and I’m looking forward to working on this project more. It’s going well so far.

Oh and thanks for all the feed back about the last post, your right I am a romantic lad 😉

Enjoy the photos. 🙂 x


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