Roses are Red….

Today I woke up on a mission…

I got up at 720, got showered and dressed, downed a pint of squash, grabbed my Pentax and got in the car.

Of course I had to stop along the way for some pictures.

And before you ask, no I was not driving while taking a photograph, I was simply taking a photograph while holding onto a wheel and pushing some pedals, simple.

I arrived in Marlborough and ran into Waitrose, noticing the many many men and few women.

I bought a rose and a few other essential items for this essential day.

And I sneaking into my girlfriends house and made her breakfast, mission complete.

Have a happy Valentines day people. As Jack Whitehall said today; “Happy valentines day everyone! if your in a relationship well done and if your single remember it’s just consumerist bullshit.”

Haha, enjoy the photos!!!


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