Starting: Personal View of Society

I’m taking quite a lot of landscape photos at the moment, I’m quite enjoying a break away from portraiture, don’t get me wrong, I love it but sometimes it’s nice to get outside and go for a walk and take some beautiful landscape shots. When I first started photography when I was 13/14 I went out with my dad’s camera and took loads of landscapes, I didn’t even think about portraits at that point.

Started my photography project and It’s going well, just doing some research on Perou and Rankin at the moment. Love Rankin so much at the moment, feel very inspired by a lot of his work.

Told you I would write you my proposal for this year so here it is below:

“My Personal View of Society
In the last few years England has had few triumphs and many drawbacks. With us attempting to rise from the ashes of the recession, Britain is being labeled as broken. The Royal Wedding being an exception, we barley come together as a nation and spend most of the time, raging war against one another, making England a questionable place to live in. With David Cameron’s “Big Society” I want to try and answer the question of, are we really all “in this together”? Exploring typical stereotypes and the class system in this country I want to look at the latest events to happen, consider what people frown upon nowadays such as Banker’s Bonus to the London Riots. Have we become a greedy and selfish country?
With a mature and responsible method I want to explore the controversial issues of society, making explicit and shocking photographs, but in doing so displaying a strong view of how badly humans can act.
Finally, I would like to start my own series entitled “Stereotypical peer-group” Exploring the youth of today and if we are all subjects to apathy or if we do still see light at the end of the tunnel for our futures
Max Tonkin

Yeah so that’s what I’m doing for the rest of this year. Some of the shots might be a little… Shocking I guess? But stick with it, it’s supposed to be for a reason.

Enjoy the photograph and keep safe on the roads!

PS got my car fixed for a tidy £100 -.-


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