That is the temperature it took to break the battery in my car, so after passing on the Tuesday, driving it around on the Wednesday, Thursday is the day it would not start and today is the day its been taken to the garage to have a new battery installed. My girlfriend said welcome to having a car. Yet, must not grumble because still, having a car is pretty amazing.

Took this image on Monday when it was snowing in Wiltshire, I find it quite beautiful actually, what do you think?

So as I said in the last post I’ve handed my unit 3 work in and the other day I got given my unit 4 titles to work with. I have picked: My Personal View of Society.. I’m very excited. We’ve been told to look at the great photographers such as Martin Parr, Robert Frank and William Klein but I’ve decided to go in another direction a little bit like Perou’s “Admit I exist” campaign. I will upload my proposal for you guys to read and maybe have your opinion on it? Would be nice to have some feedback. But I’m going to be doing about 3 different series during the project, one of which I have wanted to do for about 3 months so now I have some proper focus time to do it.

Took this photograph the other day when doing some experiments with cloning, going to be doing quite a few clones this project which I’m really looking forward too.


Currently at Tash’s being cooked dinner and having a beer, relaxed 🙂

If you get a second, follow on the Facebook and Twitter pages. Will be easyer to see when I update my blog that way 🙂



Anyway have a nice weekend and enjoy the photos.


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