Since I finished my photography project for school two weeks early I spent today’s lesson learning a new technique, with help from my friend Keefer. Been wanting to learn how to clown and use layers for ages!! I don’t use Adobe so I’m just getting to grips with it at the moment. I am going to start a small small series using it soon as I keep getting ideas using the clone technique, so hopefully once I learn to use it a bit better then I can start that.

Just got back from a photo shoot about 5 minutes ago, which was outside so my hands are still a bit frozen, went really well and will maybe show you next Tuesday.

Tash and I have started to plan our series together and will be starting it next week. Were going to build a stock of photographs and then start to release them one by one because we want to do it properly and not have to rush it in time to release them for a post. So some good quality shots hopefully coming soon!!!!

Got driving test next Tuesday, wish me luck for that!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my first ever test at cloning!

Have a great weekend and keep enjoying photos.


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