The Creation of Callum

Every now and again I take an image that I get completely obsessed by. This is one of them. I love this photograph so much that I went as far as saying it was the best photograph I’ve ever taken on my Facebook and I still strongly believe this.

The original idea was to paint Callum as a statue and have him pose like a Greek Olympian, contrasting between the old and the modern day athlete. We started make up at 1030 and Callum bless him was in make up for two hours as we covered him head to foot in ivory paint. Although it’s quite hard to notice the paint, it has given Callum a smooth skin effect, making him look like he is made from marble.

There are a few simple and subtle things in this photograph that for me makes it magical, I like how you can see Callum’s veins in his hands and feet. As well you can just see Callum’s left big toe as it pops out into the light. I wanted to show the physical masculinity of Callum just like The Statue of David, but while editing I found that because of the shadowing and the smooth skin effect it reminds me of The Creation of Adam.

And before you even think about it, NO I am not comparing this photograph to any of the genius of Michelangelo.

It’s been a busy week this week. Business exams, driving lessons and photo shoots and as a result, today on Friday the 13th, I became unwell. I have been lying in bed thinking of how to contain my boredom so I took some shots of my cat in HDR. What fun.

You do get a mist-match of ideas and photographs with me really don’t you?

Oh one last thing, had a picture in the local newspaper, which i found quite funny, heres the article about it. I look like a dope.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend and please enjoy the photos.


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