The last two nights in a row I’ve had trouble sleeping. I’ve been tossing and turning trying to get comfortable and while all this physical movement is going on, my head has been moving faster. I’m talking about things we all get. I have one idea for a shoot at the moment that has been in my head for about two weeks but has now gone in to over drive!

I spent today writing it all down and planning it all out. Now I’m really excited to get back to school and get on with it.

I was wondering what you guys think of another short little idea I had in my head. I’m trying more and more to work to briefs and assignments, so If you could email me themes for photo shoots and then I can maybe bring it up in the post that would be really cool. So send me some emails or leave a comment below and I will start developing some fun shoots.

Anyway have a good week getting back to work and college and I will see you on Friday.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and enjoyed the first post of 2012 may many more follow it.


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