In my photography course I need to develop new ideas, create different photographs and then analyse my work in order to get a good grade, aswell as all this we need to produce a “final piece” which is a piece of work that is supposed to stand on it’s own without the need for explanation or more notes. It’s basically a big overall of our work at the end of the year.

I’m looking at the ideas of shadows and the four renaissance techniques to do with lighting and posture like sfumato and contrapposto. Really interesting stuff and I’m learning a lot. Since I finished school on Friday for the Christmas break I have been sketching, reading and planning different ideas for my final piece using Sfumato. These pictures above are just for research and development only, there not final pieces just something too look at and work on.

They are based around the idea of a statue and I like the way I have developed cracks in Tash’s forehead to try and show this. Looks cool. We also tried different hair dyes but because Tash has really dark hair it didn’t work aswell as I would have liked. To be honest it’s not one of my best shoots to date, but to say I’m really disappointed would be a lie. At the end of the day it’s R&D.

Anyway have a great week and I hope you enjoy the photographs.


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