So this was a fun photo shoot I did with my girlfriend. Was originally Tasha’s idea for the theme to this photo shoot as she does photograph too, understandable she didn’t want to ruin her remote in the shower so asked me to help and then we edited the pictures together. Quite a good team I think, pictures look great!!

Was a cool photo shoot because I tried a trick that I learnt recently. Turned off all the lights in the bathroom so it was pitch black and then used the flash, while using manual focus. I never use flash so was hesitance at first but with results like these I think I will be using it for other creative ideas.

Starting the new project very soon, will release it on here with the blurb that I wrote for it. Yes I wrote a blurb because hopefully I will be turned the idea into a book! But we will see.

Anyway hope you enjoyed these photos and agree with me that collaboration can work!

Have a great week and enjoy the photos.


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