I Think People Should Read More…

I have a theory and It’s not a theory I’m particularly proud of. I think that the next generation of photography and art is going to be the worst in history. I believe this because every time I see someone take a photograph lately, it’s exactly the same as everything else I have ever seen. I’m not having a go, some things are technically very well done, but the idea and creativity is just…. boring, copied, overdone. I put this down to people not reading much anymore. I’m no angel, I should read more too. Reading is the key to creating ideas, when you look through history and even in fashion magazines now there are links back to literature through photograph and art. I think maybe people should worry less about their Blackberrys not working and more about their local bookstore shutting down. This is me with my list of books that I need to read.

Have a great weekend and enjoy my photo.


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