First thing is first, RIP Steve Jobs, the man is an icon and a hero of mine and when I heard that he died I was very sad. I can’t live without my Macbook Pro, my iPhone or my iTouch and I think that he created this world we live in today and Apple will continue to live on and lead the market successfully in his name.

Interesting week, been investing a lot of time into school work so I haven’t been able to take a fresh photograph for you guys but by Friday I will have done, so check that out. Interesting week next week, 2 photo shoots for “Life is a Stage” and 2 behind the scenes films, should be really exciting and I’m looking forward to it and getting some great shots.

I have a cracking plan for a series that I’m going to start soonish which will run on this website, will update you on that in due course.

Last thing. Now most photographers hate to plug other peoples work and other photographs seem to respect the photographer less when he does it so….. I may be about to lose some respect. Here is which is basically a charity that specialises in blood and stem cell transplanting, I’m spreading the word on this because they are trying to have 10,000 male transplanters by this summer and I recently signed up to be one of those 10,000, I’m waiting to hear back and start doing tests because I am determined to give my bone marrow to a good cause, so please if your a male sign up and if your a women have a look and see how you can help. Thanks!

Anyway everybody I will see you Friday, have a good week and try not to work to hard. Bye!

Oh and enjoy the photo.


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